Whether you think the Diana at 50 issue of Newsweek is cool or creepy (I personally vote the latter, PopWatchers), you’ll likely be keen to hear how editor-in-chief Tina Brown explained her thought process behind the decision to Photoshop the deceased Princess on the cover of the magazine with her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton. Brown, who penned the article (she also wrote the biography The Diana Chronicles), sat down with MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where she explained that, in celebration of what would have been Lady Di’s 50th birthday this Friday, “I found it really interesting to imagine what she would be doing now.” As it turns out, by Brown’s theory, Di would have still been doing her humanitarian work, as well as networking on Facebook and Twitter. “I wanted to make her a time-traveler,” Brown told the hosts and, naturally, Reverend Al Sharpton. Watch the full clip below:

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