By Clark Collis
June 29, 2011 at 07:59 PM EDT

Last Christmas, my nieces gave me what at that time seemed like the best present a Doctor Who fan like myself could ever receive. That’s right, I’m talking about an inflatable Dalek! In fact, the sucker has been sitting outside my office door all year, prompting envious remarks from my co-workers like “What is that ugly thing?” and “Seriously, are you, like, 12?” and “This is definitely represents a massive fire hazard.”

Unfortunately for my air-filled plastic buddy, there’s a new inflatable Dalek in town, or at least there will be by the next holiday season. Yesterday, the UK Guardian reported that British toy store Hamleys had released its list of must-have Christmas presents, and No. 1 was a battery-powered inflatable Dalek you can…

…wait for it…

…sit in!!!

True, judging by the photo above, it might be a cozy fit for a grown man. But, hey, maybe that’s not a child at all but a really youthful-looking basketball player!

Now, I’m not saying the people behind this amazing advance in inflatable cyborg technology should send PopWatch a sample just because we wrote a blog about it. That would be corrupt and wrong! But if they wanted to put one in the mail, then we would consider road testing that bad boy, Top Gear-style, as a service to our readers. Otherwise, my nieces should seriously starting saving now, because the things cost about $300 each.

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