By Mandi Bierly
Updated June 28, 2011 at 10:35 PM EDT

Let the self-loathing commence/continue: Bravo has released a promo for Most Eligible Dallas, the could-be-addictive reality show premiering Aug. 15 that follows a group of six hot, single friends in Texas. There’s Matt Nordgren, the former University of Texas quarterback; outspoken Southern belle Courtney Kerr, Matt’s best friend, who claims to only have platonic feelings for him but finds faults in every woman he dates; Glenn Pakulak, a punter for the Oakland Raiders who has instituted a “two-date maximum” rule after ending a four-year relationship; Drew Ginsburg, a proud gay man who “prefers cars to couture,” has lost more than 200 pounds, and is now looking for love; Tara Harper (pictured), who’s called off four engagements; and Neill Skylar, a single mom with a one-year-old son, a new band, and a longtime friendship with Matt. (“Though Neill and Matt both say they aren’t looking for something serious, the two can’t deny their chemistry,” the release teases.) Watch the promo below. It doesn’t ID Neill Skylar, so I’m holding out hope that she’s the one we’re supposed to like — and therefore said/did nothing annoying enough to be included in the trailer below.