By Adam B. Vary
June 28, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

Anyone who watched Jon Favreau’s old IFC show Dinner For Five knows that the actor-turned-screenwriter-turned-blockbuster-director is also a deft interviewer of his famous colleagues and friends. That is certainly the case when Favreau sat down to talk with one of the stars of his latest film, Cowboys & Aliens, Harrison Ford. The Star Wars and Indiana Jones legend is a notoriously tricky interview, but Favreau coaxes some choice moments from his star, including why Ford was not initially keen to sign on for the western sci-fi, what kind of movie might have happened if Ford and costar Daniel Craig had both wore leather chaps in the film, and which Oscar-winning actor almost played Han Solo. Also a bonus: Favreau gives one of the most thoughtful arguments for not shooting an action movie in 3-D I’ve ever heard.

Check out clips from the interview below: 

“No ball left un-busted.” “That’s my motto.”

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