By Jeff Labrecque
Updated August 03, 2020 at 01:33 PM EDT

Tomorrow night in Los Angeles, some of Hollywood’s most talented filmmakers will be feted at the 12th Annual Golden Trailer Awards. You might not recognize the names of the nominees — BLT:AV, The Ant Farm, Seismic Productions — but these are the professionals who make even the most banal drama or the most threadbare comedy look like the next Citizen Kane or Animal House months before the critics and the Internet can salvage it. Sometimes, they do too good a job (See: Sucker Punch or Terminator: Salvation).

The past year has featured some mouthwatering coming attractions, including Inception (left), a Golden Trailer nominee whose pounding score ricocheted around my brain all last summer. The jury selects the best in 62(!) categories, including my personal favorite, Trashiest Trailer. (Can Piranha 3D edge Hobo With a Shotgun?)

The Best in Show nominations — the Golden Trailers’s “Best Picture” category — won’t be revealed until tomorrow night, at a ceremony emceed by actress/comedian Natasha Leggero (He’s Just Not That Into You), but these would be my five choices: Inception, Tree of Life, The Social Network, Black Swan, and Super 8.

Which trailers are on your Best in Show list? Check out all the nominated clips on the Golden Trailer site.

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