By Kyle Anderson
Updated June 28, 2011 at 03:24 PM EDT

His record label may be pulling all of his new tracks off the Internet, but Drake continues to be a one-man promotional machine for his forthcoming album Take Care.

So while his new single “Marvin’s Room” remains somewhat elusive, that didn’t stop the rapper from uploading the song’s brand new video, which finds him laying out a pretty literal interpretation of his own lyrics about drinking heavily and pining over a woman you know he shouldn’t be messing with in the first place.

It looks like it was made for about nine bucks (plus the cost of those whiskey shots and bottles of Heineken), but it’s so direct that it hits way harder than the more expensive, more cinematic and more jumbled Eminem video that premiered yesterday. Check out Drake’s moody clip for “Marvin’s Room” after the jump.

The whole Drake operation seems pretty DIY at the moment—the clip was clearly shot on the cheap and got its premiere on Drake’s very own blog. And he hasn’t been bashful about voicing his discontent regarding his record label’s policing of leaks from Take Care, including “Marvin’s Room” and “Dreams Money Can Buy.”

“Universal needs to stop taking my f—ing songs down,” he wrote in a tweet. “I am doing this for the people not for your label.” It makes sense that Drake would bristle at the idea that people wouldn’t be able to hear his music when he wanted them to hear it, especially considering he owes much of his career to the hype surrounding a series of mixtapes, all of which he gave away for free before signing with Lil Wayne.

The video isn’t the only piece of “Marvin’s Room”-related ephemera floating around the Internet today; multiple BET Award-winner Chris Brown dropped a remix of the track, performed from the point of view of the dude Drake is trying to get his lady to leave. It’s a fascinating flip that Brown insists isn’t a diss (and for once, we actually believe him).

What do you think of the “Marvin’s Room” video? On a scale of one to Detox, what’s your anticipation level for Take Care? Let us know your Drake-related feelings in the comments.

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