Though the first episode of Breaking Bad’s fourth season won’t hit your TV sets until July 17 (19 days from now!), AMC knows that you’re jonesing for a taste. That’s why the network has released a three-minute preview video that offers clips from the upcoming action and interviews with key cast members. We are told by Bryan Cranston (a.k.a. chemistry teacher-turned-meth king Walter White) that the focus this year is on “Walt owning this new man, accepting that he is capable of doing these heinous things that come up throughout season 4 for him to survive. There’s nothing boring about Walter White’s life now.”

Meanwhile, Aaron Paul (Walt’s partner, Jesse Pinkman, sporting a shaved head) notes that the season “starts off at a full sprint” and that Jesse is in a “very dark, sad, distant place.” The video is worth the watch if only to hear Giancarlo Esposito (drug and poultry lord Gus Fring) laugh while warning: “All I can say is just wait and watch and hang on to the edge of your seat… because it’s coming. All of it’s coming.” Check out the clip below:

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