Credit: G4TV

Cable network G4 has officially announced that they will resume airing G4’s Proving Ground, starring the late Ryan Dunn, following a one-hourspecial to honor the reality star. Dunn, who perished last week in a car crash, had filmed nine episodes of Proving Ground, in which Dunn and a group of experts attempted to recreate classic moments from movies and video games using stunt technology. The show had only aired one episode before Dunn’s death. Last week, G4 told EW that they were removing Proving Ground from the schedule “until we discuss the next steps.”

The first step: The network’s chat show Attack of the Show! will air a one-hour special on July 19 featuring Dunn’s most memorable G4 moments, along with interviews with his friends and family. Immediately after the special, G4 will air the second episode of Proving Ground. (The show will continue to air on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.) It might sound like a somewhat cynical move on the network’s part, but in a statement, G4 president Neal Tiles said that the move came “with the support of Ryan’s family.”