By Kyle Anderson
Updated June 27, 2011 at 04:31 PM EDT

Even though he has album sales in the tens of millions, a continuously budding film career, and a commitment to sobriety, Eminem still lets women get under his skin.

Such is the case in the just-released video for “Space Bound,” one of the more emo tracks from the mega-platinum 2010 album Recovery.

The clip, directed by Joseph Kahn (who also pointed the camera at Eminem for his “Love the Way You Lie” video last year), co-stars porn star Sasha Grey as Slim Shady’s source of torment.

The pair do a lot of driving at night and end up at seedy diners, and Eminem wrestles with himself (sometimes via split screen) and ultimately decides to take his own life. Or does he? Check out the dark, jarring video after the jump.

This is the fourth video from Recovery, following “Not Afraid”, the aforementioned “Love the Way You Lie” and “No Love.” It’s by far the darkest series of clips in Em’s career, with nary a scene of Mr. Mathers dressing up like a washed up celebrity in sight. The level of maturity matches the overall energy and attitude of Recovery. (Of course, he clearly saved up his wackiness for his Bad Meets Evil project.)

Where do you think “Space Bound” ranks among Eminem’s videos? Is this actually darker than “Stan”? Sound off with your Slim Shady-related opinions in the comments.