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Four years have elapsed since Björk dropped her last album, 2007’s forgettable Volta.

But it’s been even longer since we’ve heard classic Björk. The one who put together crazy genre-hopping classics like 1995’s Post, 1997’s Homogenic and 2001’s Vespertine refreshingly shows up on “Crystalline,” the just-leaked first single from her upcoming album Biophilia.

It’s got everything a classic Björk track needs, including some wigged-out xylophones, some crazy-voweled caterwauling about “inner nebulae” and a Roni Size-channeling bit of jungle breakbeat science to wrap things up. It’s fantastically weird and remarkably thrilling, and contains all of the twitchy glitching Björk has been obsessed with since her landmark 1993 debut.

Give “Crystalline” a spin here:

Biophilia, Björk’s seventh album as a solo artist, is scheduled to drop in September and promises to be a very 21st century release: It’s being referred to as an “app album” and was even recorded partially on an iPad. Each of the album’s tracks will have an accompanying app that will incorporate some sort of visual and interactive component (the rumor is that the song “Virus” will have a gaming component, for instance, while another track’s app is an interactive ebook about the solar system).

The whole thing is being overseen by director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the White Stripes’ “The Hardest Button to Button”), so it’s likely just about everything attached to Biophilia will be simultaneously adorable and unnerving.

What do you think of “Crystalline”? Does it sound like classic Björk? Do you wish she would get back to the strange throat jazz of Medulla? And doesn’t Debut hold up way better than you thought it would nearly 20 years later? Sound off on Ms. Guðmundsdóttir in the comments!