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30 Rock star Tracy Morgan returned to his hometown Saturday night to take the stage for the first time since his infamous homophobic rant in Nashville earlier this month. Earlier this week, Morgan returned to Nashville and personally apologized for the tirade, but did the comedian stay serious during his set last night? (Not quite.) Read more after the jump.

The Brooklyn native began his 10:30 p.m. show at Manhattan comedy club Carolines by telling the audience “I’m mellow tonight,” then launched into a decidedly un-mellow (and unprintable) round of jokes about masturbation, ejaculation, the female anatomy, children with disabilities, and so on.

After about 45 minutes, Morgan said plainly, “I know you’re waiting for me to address the controversy. I ain’t sayin’ s—, f——. What do I care? What do I get out of the deal?”

He took it a step further, asking the laughing audience, “You forgot about Brian Fellows?” then blustered, “My father was the lead singer in the Village People!”

Of course Victor Willis, a.k.a. the cop in the Village People, is not actually Morgan’s father. And, given his history of litigation, I suspect he wouldn’t be amused by Morgan’s claim.

Neither would Nashville audience member Kevin Rogers, who originally posted the account of Morgan’s diatribe on his Facebook page, since Morgan stood by another joke that unsettled Rogers — his riff on the pleasures of making women choke during oral sex, joking, “You gotta make that mascara run.”

And after a few minutes, Morgan couldn’t hold back anymore. He lashed out an audience member for wearing a “stupid-a– hat,” and heckled, “You metro? You from Europe?” The insinuation didn’t seem to phase anyone.

It was a typically unpredictable night from the volatile comedian, who didn’t shy away from envelope-pushing bits like his insistence that “retarded” kids are “strong like a chimp!” He then insisted his first girlfriend was mentally impaired, which seemed like an elaborate set-up for him to ask repeatedly “Annie, are you okay?” in a shout-out to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” Despite his off-color remarks — after all, what is stand-up comedy without them? — audience members stayed in their seats and laughed raucously throughout the performance.

Morgan rounded out his set with some (presumably) earnest words, telling the audience, “Gay, straight… I don’t care. As long as you’re happy.”

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