By Kate Ward
Updated June 24, 2011 at 04:53 PM EDT
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Oh, Uncle Nigel. Like many family members, you frustrate me as much as you amuse me with your stories of eating penny candy while rolling your hoop on the way to the latest Mary Pickford matinee as a boy. But as of last night, you might as well be my estranged uncle. Though last week, we were met with a pleasant, non-elimination surprise during So You Think You Can Dance‘s results show, this week, we were dealt a tragic shocker (SPOILER ALERT): The ousting of early favorites Wadi Jones, Missy Morelli, Iveta Lukosiute, and Nick Young.

It’s not only tragic because fellow Bottom-6 dweller, Ryan Ramirez, delivered a middling solo, and probably deserved the boot over the long-legged, breathtakingly skilled Iveta. It’s heart-breaking because, last week, Nigel had the chance to eliminate some of the competition’s less talented dancers: The irritating Jess, the dull Clarice, the obnoxious Robert, or even the “sexy” (I do not think it means what you think it means) Jordan. And… he didn’t. For what reason? Ratings? I dig the fact that Nigel might have wanted America to become more familiar with the dancers before letting anyone go, but when the Bottom 6 was so spot-on and weak, why risk a Bottom 6 next week that could be comprised of some of season 8’s best and most beloved? Even SYTYCD‘s favorite choreographer is upset. Last night, Travis Wall tweeted his disapproval of the judge’s decision: “Omg!Sorry 2 say but the judges made a huge mistake last week & should have sent people home.Were gonna say goodbye 2 the wrong ones tonight.”

So now look what you’ve done Nigel. You’ve got no ballroom dancer, since you decided to let go of one of the best in the world. You’ve got no tapper, even though, this time around, the series could have delivered a dancer in the genre that actually had a chance at the Top 4. And though you have other breakers, you have lost the one most capable of awe-inspiring, ratings-inviting feats. Furthermore, it’s hardly good news for Ryan, who will now continue in the competition as the dancer who should have gone home.

This Thanksgiving, we’re having a festivus, Uncle Nigel.

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