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Following the sad passing of Peter Falk, who starred in the TV series Columbo and the beloved 1987 fantasy The Princess Bride, friends and industry veterans who have worked with the actor have begun filing their tributes for the late star, who died Thursday night at 83 years old. Read what some of them had to say about Falk after the jump. (Check back for more words from Falk’s loved ones later.)

Steven Spielberg, who directed Falk in one of the first episodes of Columbo in 1971: “Peter was the same kind of digger as an actor as his character Columbo was in finding the truth in that great tv series. He was a blast to work with and I learned more about acting from him at that early stage of my career than I had from anyone else.”

Jon Favreau, who co-starred with Falk in Favreau’s directorial debut, 2001’s Made: “He was a pioneer of independent film and redefined what you could do on television. He brought tremendous truth and honesty to his performances. I was blessed to have worked with him.”

Elaine Stritch, who co-starred with Falk in the TV series The Trials of O’Brien: “He was such a multi-talented young man, and I loved him dearly.”

Patricia Heaton, who co-starred with Falk in 2001’s A Town Without Christmas: “Peter Falk was a joy to work with. He had a great sense of humor and was a master of his craft, with an ease and subtlety that made it look so easy. I consider it a privilege to have gotten to work with him.”

(Reporting by Lanford Beard, Jeff Labrecque, and Adam B. Vary)

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