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Whoooooa Jem! She’s truly outrageous! Truly, truly, truly outrageous! But, come on, is she really? Without the rest of her band, the Holograms, Jem would just be some crazy lady in Diablo Cody’s dreams that has multiple personalities and speaks to inanimate objects on her ear, homeskillet. So which Hologram is cooler than the title character? If you ask me, I’d have to go with Jem/Jerrica’s little sister Kimber, but that’s just because I know how it feels to be an under-appreciated younger sibling. But I’d prefer to let you all decide, PopWatchers. Vote after the jump: Who is the coolest member of Jem and the Holograms?


Instrument: Vocals. Who has time to learn an instrument when you’re two people?

Fashion Sense: Pink hair on pink clothing. Very matchy-matchy. Yet a fashion inspiration to many, including Rock of Love 2‘s Angelique.

Favorite Spice Girl: Ginger.

Strength: Split personality. You won’t like her when she’s angry — which is okay, because she’s actually milquetoast and actually rarely gets angry. Also: She’s got computers on her side, an obvious advantage when Skynet takes over.

Weakness: An inflated sense of self-importance. A whole song that repeatedly declares your outrageousness? Really? If you’ve gotta flaunt it, you probably don’t got it. But blame it on insecurity — after all, she does have a boyfriend, Rio, who’s two-timing her with her alter-ego… and she doesn’t seem to mind.


Instrument: Keyboards. Jerrica’s younger sister can play Bach and Chopin, but, the rebel that she is, she’s shoving synthesized music in her parents’ faces for all those piano lessons.

Fashion Sense: Blazing red hair contrasted with a tight, white blazer. Very Texan news anchor.

Favorite Spice Girl: Baby.

Strength: Talent. Kimber writes all the songs…

Weakness: …yet it’s always about Jem, Jem, Jem! Jealousy!


Instrument: Lead guitar.

Fashion Sense: Bright blue hair undoubtedly styled by a Flowbee.

Favorite Spice Girl: Sporty.

Strength: As the driver of the Rockin’ Roadster, she’s the key figure when the Holograms need to rush to a concert, run away from the Misfits, or make over $200 million at the box office racing Vin Diesel.

Weakness: She keeps her enemies close, but could that be detrimental for the Holograms? Aja’s boyfriend is the brother of one of the Misfits. Can we really trust her?


Instrument: Drums, Bass. (Don’t say it, Cartman.)

Fashion Sense: A weakness for silver lame paired with purple curls that would make Grimace jealous.

Favorite Spice Girl: Posh.

Strength: With a boyfriend in the industry, she’s the Holograms best shot to climbing the Billboard charts.

Weakness: She’s a quitter — not only did she briefly leave the Holograms to pursue her passion for fashion, but she quit that job once her boss proved too mean. Shouldn’t she have taken her frustration out on the printer instead?


Instrument: Drums.

Fashion Sense: Pink hair extensions undoubtedly fashioned by Ken Paves, paired with a hipster bow tie.

Favorite Spice Girl: Scary. (That hair!)

Strength: She won a nationwide talent search to be in the band, and didn’t even have to get anyone cheesecake from Brooklyn.

Weakness: Her repeated insistence that the Holograms cover The Decemberists songs.

*Not pictured. She’s the Bonus Jonas of Jem.

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