James Franco opens museum, Hot Wheels movie in the works, and more

By Dan Snierson
Updated June 24, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

1. James Franco launching Museum of Non-Visible Art
Wait till you don’t see the first installation!

2. On heels of releasing dark comedy book, Keanu Reeves says he wants to pen collection of haikus
He’s more versatile than you think. Sometimes ”whoa” will be counted as more than one syllable.

3. David Lynch to open Parisian club inspired by his Mulholland Drive
Coming soon: the Lost Highway chain of truck stops, Twin Peaks strip clubs, and Eraserhead school-supply outlets.

4. Marilyn Monroe’s iconic subway dress from The Seven Year Itch sells for $4.6 million at auction
Updraft not included.

5. ”El Brad Pitt,” drug-cartel member who dressed like Pitt from Spy Game, arrested in Mexico for violent crimes
At last, a bigger scandal than when he left the star of Amigos for the ”Senorita, Interrupted.”

6. Gary Busey fired halfway through shooting Mansion of Blood, TMZ reports
Asked by a reporter if he felt his termination was unjust, Busey said: ”That was a movie?”

7. Kim Kardashian’s wedding registry features $1,250 silver spoon
And yet it’s still far less expensive than the one she was born with in her mouth.

8. Seventy-seven people arrested on drug and alcohol charges at Phish concert in Raleigh, N.C.
”I’m in the worst jam ever,” one handcuffed fan shouted to his buddy while being led away by police. ”Yeah, dude — even worse than Coventry ‘Glide’ in ’04!!!!”

9. Hot Wheels might be made into action flick
The screenplay needs a bit of work, as right now the final act takes place at the ER inside a 2-year-old’s stomach.