By Clark Collis
June 23, 2011 at 04:54 PM EDT
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Wet Hot American Summer actors Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Christopher Meloni, Janeane Garofalo, and David Hyde Pierce have all told Entertainment Weekly they would appear in a sequel to the camp movie spoof. Wet Hot grossed a meager $300,000 when it was released in July 2001, but over the past decade has developed a hardcore fan base and is increasingly regarded as a comedy classic. In recent years, several members of its once largely unknown cast — which also includes Amy Poehler and Bradley Cooper — have become major stars. “It’s been discussed over the last decade in various forms and incarnations,” says Rudd of a Wet Hot sequel. “I think we would all be up for doing it.”

Wet Hot director David Wain and his co-writer Michael Showalter confirmed to EW they have been seriously thinking about writing a second film set at Camp Firewood and may start work on the screenplay later this year. “I really hope it happens,” says Showalter, who stars in the original movie as the lovelorn Coop. “I’m really excited for the idea of a sequel, or a prequel, or for the first-ever movie that is both a prequel and a sequel. Although David pointed out that that’s Godfather II.”

While Wet Hot American Summer cost a mere $1.8 million, the budget for any possible sequel would be many times that if the cast’s most famous members demanded the kind of wages they are now accustomed to earning. However, Banks, Rudd, and several other Wet Hot alumni told EW they would be happy to appear in Wet Hot 2 for essentially nothing. “Look, any chance to get that group of people all together in a room I will take,” says Banks, who is currently shooting The Hunger Games. “It’s been such a blessing on my life that I got to be included in that circle of people.” Christopher Meloni was equally enthusiastic about the possibility of reuniting with his Wet Hot costars. “Oh, f— yeah, in a heartbeat” says the outgoing Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star. (Bradley Cooper, who at this point is probably the biggest star to have emerged from the Wet Hot cast, was unavailable for comment.)

To read more about Wet Hot American Summer — and to find out what Amy Poehler has to say about a possible sequel — check out the tenth anniversary retrospective WHAS feature in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.

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