By Tanner Stransky
June 22, 2011 at 06:50 AM EDT
Adam Rose/ABC Family

The second episode of Pretty Little Liars‘ already rapturously juicy second season aired last night, and it seems that we’re no closer to figuring out the series’ central mystery concerning the identity of the elusive “A,” the mysterious “shim” that has been terrorizing the foursome at the center of the show via text and email since it launched last summer.

Such a drawn-out mystery begs the bigger questions: Just when can we expect to learn who “A” is? Will we ever? Could it possibly be this season? EW talked to series creator Marlene King and executive producer Oliver Goldstick, who both dished on when they think that the identity of “A” will come out. Read on for all those details.

The short answer about when we’ll learn about the identity of “A” is: not anytime soon, and definitely not this season.

“I don’t think you’re going to find out until the very last episode of the show,” admits King, who adds that she “pretty much knows” the ending of the series. “In the books, there is more than one ‘A.’ There’s an ‘A,’ and there becomes a second ‘A, so you never know.”

Adds Goldstick: “It’s going to be pretty hard to move past that.”

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