Jason Patric

Jason Patric has signed on to star in FX’s comic adaptation of Powers.

Patric, who stole the show in the recent movie The Losers and, of course, appeared in films such as Rush, will star as a homicide detective devoted solely to cases that involve people with superpowers. The pilot was penned by Charles H. Eglee (The Shield).

The move marks the actor’s first regular TV series gig. Patric says he switched his focus from movies and theater to television because he’s drawn to strong storytelling.

“In my movies I’ve always tried to find compelling stories and primal characters that will carry you through them,” Patric tells EW exclusively. “It has been become increasingly more difficult to tell stories via movies these days; studios are more interested in selling a weekend than telling a story. Powers is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and FX is up to the challenge.”

Though the project is still in the pilot stage, you rarely see this sort of network enthusiasm for shows that don’t get a series order: “We’ve been asked repeatedly why it has taken so long to bring our series adaptation of Powers to fruition,” said FX chief John Landgraf. “It is for the same reason we cast Jason Patric in this role; we are aiming for something extraordinary. The lead role of Detective Christian Walker is an extremely layered character and we needed Jason, who was so brilliant in films like Narc and Rush, to bring him fully to life. He is pitch perfect for this role and we are honored that he chose FX for his first foray into episodic television.”

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