By Adam B. Vary
Updated June 21, 2011 at 07:20 PM EDT

Anyone who caught the underrated hybrid romantic sci-fi thriller The Adjustment Bureau last spring almost certainly fell for Matt Damon as a ne’er-do-well senatorial candidate and Emily Blunt as the dancer who wins his heart — even though his fate dictates he cannot be with her. You also were likely thrilled by the film’s multiple mind-warping chase scenes, as the brimmed-hat-wearing members of the titular fate-guiding bureau move about New York City by using doorways to travel distances that would otherwise be miles away. The film’s writer-director George Nolfi (The Bourne Ultimatum) says he was confident he knew how to pull off most of these chase scenes as he was writing them. But then there was the “Blue Door” sequence.

In this exclusive clip from the DVD of the film — out today — the film’s visual effects supervisor Mark Russell discusses how he executed the sequence, which Nolfi tells EW he did not know how to pull off when he wrote it. “It’s really important as a screenplay writer to be able to adapt really quickly when you’re doing re-writes on the set,” Nolfi explains. “So I was never really worried that I’d box myself in as a director, because I thought, when push comes to shove, if all of the geniuses of visual and practical effects could not figure out how to pull off the shot — which I knew they would be able to do — I could always revise it.” Fortunately, he didn’t have to. Check out the clip below:

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The Adjustment Bureau

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