Patton Oswalt is no longer just a comedy giant in the figurative sense. The comedian is voicing an unsightly 50-foot-tall human-like alien — call him “Unattractive Giant Monster” — that will wreak havoc all over “Benderama,” an episode of Futurama that airs Thursday night on Comedy Central. (“Benderama” airs at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, after “Neutopia” kicks off the second part of the animated comedy’s sixth season at 10 p.m.) The 35-word summary: The hot-headed UGM attacks the Futurama crew after Bender insults him. When he returns to apologize, he loses his cool, which ultimately leads to an epic showdown with a supersized Bender.

If you can’t wait until Thursday to see Oswalt in action, check out this clip in which UGM is insulted by Zap Brannigan before having one of his “temper-control incidents.”

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