Who’s that pretty lady in the photo at right?

That would be Weird Al (with an assist from an anonymous young woman’s ab-tastic body and much, much post-production magic), doing his best of Gaga’s greatest sartorial hits—the “Born This Way” egg, the bubble gown, and of course, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame meat dress.

Though some may remember that his parody was initially axed at the source by Gaga management, Al’s take on Mother Monster’s “Born This Way” can now run free: “My mama told me when I was hatched/act like a superstar/Save your allowance/buy a bubble dress/and someday you will go far.” Ouch. Other highlights include a Madonna jab and the scariest interpretation of a troll doll the internet has ever seen.

Does anyone else think that Al looks a bit like Jane Krakowski in his glittery blue fairy attire? Sorry, Ms. Maroney. See for yourself after the jump. All of the proceeds from the song and the video will go to the Human Rights Campaign, so you’re doing it for charity:

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