Everyone knows getting a tattoo removed is a messy and painful business, but when it comes to The Hangover Part II, Warner Bros. won’t have to worry about that nightmare scenario. After months of legal wrangling, the studio has settled a lawsuit brought by Missouri tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill over the tattoo on Ed Helms’ face in the blockbuster comedy. Whitmill sued the studio in April and unsuccessfully sought an injunction against the release of the film, claiming that Helms’ tattoo infringed a copyright he held on a tattoo he’d created for boxer Mike Tyson. Terms of the sell structured settlement have not been disclosed, but what is clear is that the tattoo will stay in the movie. Warner Bros. had previously stated in court papers that, if the case was not settled in time for the film’s home video release, it would digitally alter the tattoo for the DVD version of the movie. In a joint statement provided to EW, Warner Bros. and Whitmill’s attorney, Geoff Gerber, said simply, “Warner Bros. and Mr. Whitmill have amicably resolved their dispute. No other information will be provided.”

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