Whodunit? Who knows!

In an acclaimed first season filled with plenty of twists, AMC’s The Killing saved its biggest shock for the very end: The show’s murder mystery was left unsolved and will continue into season two.

Our heroes Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder seemingly finished Rosie Larson case in tonight’s finale, arresting mayoral candidate Darren Richmond for the murder of a teenage girl. But in the episode’s final moments, Linden learns her partner may have fabricated a key piece of evidence — putting their case in jeopardy, plus casting doubt on Richmond’s guilt and Holder’s agenda.

A strong cliffhanger, to be sure. But many viewers expected some closure in a series that was based on a Danish show where a new mystery was solved each season and felt like the detectives were on the verge of figuring things out. EW spoke to The Killing executive producer Veena Sud about the decision to stick with the Larson story into season two, plus got some details about what’s to come (Will there be more rain? Less rain?).

In the meantime, sound off with your thoughts on The Killing. Was the ending a brilliant way of keeping you engaged in a story that you weren’t ready to end? Or should the show be called The Stalling?


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