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As the quirky best friend to dead-and-resurrected Jane on Drop Dead Diva, April Bowlby became a fan favorite in season 1. But in season 3, which kicks off tonight, Bowlby tells EW that her character is in for a host of all-new challenges.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tell me a little about this season.

Well, this season I think is a little more edgy. I know that Jane, played by Brooke Elliott, gets more boyfriends. She gets a little more flirty, and she’s dating more, getting a little more sexual. Also, my character as well, I hook up with the angel this season [Laughs]. Fred and I finally do the deed, so there’s a lot of little racy storylines going on with relationships this season. And, of course, we’ve got the court cases which are incredible. We did one episode that’s about two lesbians who tried to go to prom. They tried but the school wouldn’t let them buy tickets, so we addressed that in one of our episodes, which was really cool. There’s definitely a lot of stuff going on this year.

Give me the dirt on the hookup.

Well, it’s kind of dramatic. This season, Fred and Stacy have a lot of fights. They fight and then they get back together, they fight, and maybe not get back together. But we get a little hot and heavy, and Stacy meet Fred’s parents. She starts asking, “Where are you from? Who are you?” and so he has to introduce the parents, which is very exciting. We have a nice little hot and heavy kind of moment going on, tumbling around. Lots of tumbling this season!

I understand that he casts his parents, right? He hires actors.

Yes. He did. Jennifer Tilly plays his mother [Laughs], which was amazing. She was incredible. She’s supposed to be this over-the-top woman who really offends me, and she played it so beautifully. It’s a really fun scene. I got to see it, and I love it so much. I think that everyone will really enjoy it.

What can you say about the relationships this season.

Well, Fred books a commercial, and as we all know, Stacy is the aspiring actress, so there’s a little jealousy that happens. She can’t quite control herself, so she like emotional, “How can you do this?!” He’s quite confused, and he doesn’t understand what he’s done wrong, so that’s a bit dramatic. And then they end up having a commonality in supporting each other and fixing that problem. And then there’s a couple of episodes, at this point, where Stacy ends up booking a job on a television show, and Fred ends up getting jealous of her. So it’s a lot of back and forth. In every relationship, you want to support the person, but they’re doing so well so you get a little bit of, “Hey, don’t forget about me.” So there’s a lot of that. We have to navigate where our relationship. It grows, and then it breaks down. Then it gets better, and then it breaks down again. So I think it’s just a lot of navigating, and then I think you see a lot of colors in Stacy this year that you’ve not seen. She gets a little wrapped up in herself and overlooks Fred a lot. So he has to react to that, and it’s quite explosive. [Laughs]

How is Deb there for her throughout all of this, and where is there relationship going to go?

Deb/Jane is definitely a mama bear who’s just kind of watching it all happen. She’s quite supportive of me. That’s kind of the rule of girlfriends, no matter what happens you gotta support your girlfriends because they’re always going to be there for you. She’ll definitely give Stacy a little slack on the leash, and every now and then she pulls the leash on Stacy, like, “OK, you gotta reel it in a little bit. You gotta calm down and get your feet planted back on the ground.’ And this season, I also help Jane with solving a case, which was very exciting for me, so I think she helps me emotionally and I help her in the law office.

Stacy often needs that mama bear type.

Yes, she does. Cause she’ll just walk around in circles. She’ll keep going and going and going. She needs someone to just be like, “Hey, knock it off,” and she’ll be okay.

What can you tell me about the guest stars?

Well, let’s see. I didn’t get to work with Clay Aiken. I got to work with Jennifer Tilly, she was amazing. Such, such a smart actress. Wanda Sykes was on our show, and I got to be in a scene with her. She plays one of the judges. I got to work with Lance Bass as well, and he was really, really great, super cool. He played the producer of Fred’s commercial, like the director, and he was fantastic. He plays like a smarmy guy, and he did that really well. Kind of just like that classic Hollywood director. But we got a lot of colorful, amazing guests. I met Kathy Griffin in the trailer, but I had no scenes with her. I heard amazing things about her. Everyone loved her on the set and thought she was incredibly funny and charming and sweet.

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