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As you read this, I am likely standing in the center of the sun. That’s not meant to be poetic. I’m on vacation in my homeland of Texas! But I couldn’t leave without first giving you your weekly helping of TV scoop. In exchange, can someone pick up my mail?

Speaking of mail, send me some! Spoiler requests, casting suggestions for the numerous primetime openings we seem to have, or even your pilot questions. Email or Tweet me @EWSandraG. I’ll check them when I return in two weeks!

Note: Small programming change: Next week, I’ll have a very special Q&A for Weeds fans instead of your regular column. You’ll enjoy it! Promise!


Last week, we tackled some of your burning questions. This week, it’s round 2. The countdown to the June 26 premiere of True Blood is on! Here’s some stuff to tide you over.


It’s going to be a rocky season for Brenda Lee on The Closer. With a lawsuit threatening her career and reputation in the first episode back, the pressure is on. But her career isn’t the only thing being put to the test this year, according to creator James Duff. “I think you can expect fireworks eventually between Brenda and Pope. If there’s a relationship that will be tested, this is it,” he says. “That protective relationship that they’ve both had with each other, when it’s convenient, is going to come under heavy fire.”

Episode 2 is particularly trying for Pope. “He kind almost doesn’t get to episode 2. His career has a near-death experience,” Duff teases. “How he escapes his fate will shock you.”


I had nightmares the night after I watched the first two episodes of Torchwood: Miracle Day. I confess that not to prove what a hopeless wimp I am (although, that’s also included), but to make the point that while we all have reservations about this season, it really delivers.

The opening scene, which finds Bill Pullman’s death-row inmate character preparing for execution, is so wrenching, so uncomfortable, and so eerie, that you might very well lose your worries about this season in the first minutes.

When Arlene Tur, who plays Dr. Vera Juarez, first heard the plot, she said the issue turned out to be much more complicated than she initially thought. And the audience should be similarly excited by some of the curve balls that lie ahead.

“You have to deal with overpopulation. You don’t have enough staff, you don’t have enough tool or enough space… Every hospital becomes a disaster,” she said. “There are a lot of problems that come along with Miracle Day.”


I’m missing Hawaii 5-0 severely! Please help a friend out! — Karen

Well, friend, the show is currently casting a female Homeland Security Officer, described in the character description as “the female McGarrett” who will assist the actual McGarrett with a case… and leave some time for some shameless flirting as well.

Any hope for Artie and Brittany reunion this season on Glee? Or is she going to hook up with Santana? – A. Howard

Anything can happen, really. Kevin McHale, who EW caught up with at the Samsung AT&T Spring Fling, said he’s open to all possibilities. “Who knows? It’s high school. There’s always hope. Being involved in that love triangle was really fun. So hopefully something like that will come about.

I saw the post on The Glee Project. I’m not watching because I’m more interested in what’s going to happen with the characters already on the show! Speaking of which, any idea what themes will be tackled next season– Lily

No official word yet, but McHale has an idea he wants to pitch: “British invasion!”

I need scoop on The Glades! Preferably sexy Jim related… #SpoilerRoom — @reebsreiswig

Is rehab sexy? Because that’s where Jim’s headed. Don’t worry, it’s for a case! In the July 10 episode, titled “Dirty Little Secrets,” Longworth follows a trail of clues to a luxury rehab center. Meanwhile, we meet a sexy former colleague of Sanchez’s and learn that they have a history.

I’d love some info on Weeds! I’m especially excited about Martin Short joining the cast! – Jorie

As you should be. Short, who is guesting as an attorney, always brings his own flavor to characters and creator Jenji Kohan said his stint on Weeds is no exception. But will he have a dark side? “No, not evil. But kind of fantastic! [He’s] an eccentric and a true character. We conceived him one way, but Martin definitely brought his own spin to it,” she says. Also, Weeds fans should return next week for my full, very special chat with Kohan! That’s special, not “special.”

Re: In Plain Sight. Ever since Mary went off to Mexico, there seems to be a certain distance between Marshall and her. Now with a girlfriend and a baby in the picture, is there any chance the two will get close again any time soon? How will Marshall deal with Mary’s pregnancy? – Peg

As star Mary McCormack told me earlier this week when I spoke to her, the pregnancy is certainly a “bump in the road” for them. But, she said, we will see Mary’s partner be “really sweet and supportive — as you’d expect from Marshall,” she says. And count me among those who was pretty upset to learn that Marshall wasn’t going to be the father of said baby. But McCormack said (and I have to agree) that it would have been strange to see this particular pair jump the gun. “We haven’t had that kind of relationship yet. I think that would have been skipping a lot of steps,” she says, adding that the slow burn of the relationship process is often the most fun. “I’ve always loved that on TV. Who didn’t love Sam and Diane? It’s hard to resist.”

The finale of The Killing is this week and I haven’t heard a peep. Spill! — Jen

Peep: When chatting with Joel Kinnaman this week (look for our full Q&A later today), the actor revealed that not only will there be a little gun play in this week’s episode (finally!), but it will leave everyone “satisfied, frustrated and hungry for more.” Plus, he teases, while Holder doesn’t end up a hero of any sorts, he says there is “another big moment” for the character. “I can say nothing more than that.”

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

I would love Weeds info!!! What happened to Esteban and Guillermo in the 3 year jump on Weeds? What about the money in Shane’s pillow? Or maybe some Secret Life of the American Teenager info? Any of these would be awesome! Thanks! – Brad

As I mentioned, there’s plenty of great Weeds stuff coming up next week, so how about some Secret Life? Shailene Woodley stopped by EW’s office this week while on a promotional tour for her upcoming film, The Descendants, out in December, and dished about what’s coming up in season 4 of the ABC Family hit. “To lose a child is pretty intense, especially being young and not understanding, really, why or how and having to wrap your head around that. So as far as Amy and Ricky, the loss of Adrian’s child kind of brought them closer and made them realize that they need to be grateful for what they have,” she said. As we saw in the premiere, which aired just one week after the third-season finale, Amy and Ricky moved in together and are having sex. “Amy and Ricky definitely get much better, much deeper, much stronger. Of course they argue, what couple doesn’t? They have a great basis going on, and I think they’re going to be the power couple in the end.”

A major death on Entourage…Turtle? The real Turtle died in real life so why not? Besides, his character, along with Chase, is useless. – True

Sorry, True. But your guess is false. Although, brilliant minds think alike. That was my initial guess, too, but creator Doug Ellin set me straight (in our highly tongue-in-cheek conversation):

I’d love some Burn Notice scoop! I’m SOOO excited for its return! I’m especially excited to hear we’re going to learn about Michael’s past. Will there be flashbacks? — Kory

Nope. But much about Michael’s past will be revealed in episode 2 of this season, and Jeffrey Donovan predicts there could be another Emmy nom for Sharon Gless’ performance in the episode. “What’s great about how they write is that Michael’s past is always linked with his mother’s knowledge of his past, and she becomes integrated into a case where their past reveals itself in a very painful way. And it’s one of Sharon’s best performances I’ve ever seen,” Donovan graciously says of his co-star. “Knock on wood, she’ll earn [another nomination] from this one.”

Do you have any Sons Of Anarchy Season 4 scoop that doesn’t involve Jax, Tara or Gemma? I would like to know some stuff about the other characters…like Chibs or Opie or Clay or Tig or Kozik…or just not Tara, Jax or Gemma. Thanks. — Charlie/ Grand Rapids, MI

Clay’s hand troubles are as bad as ever when we return, but ever the badass, he doesn’t let it get to him — even when the gang finds themselves at odds with SAMTAZ, the SOA Tuscon charter, who definitely don’t have the same code as our gang.

I’m looking forward to the return of Rizzoli and Isles. Obviously Jane is going to live, but do we pick up right after the shooting? — Sara

Negatory. The show actually picks up well into Jane’s healing process. The problem? Recovery is slow-going.

Sandra! Did you notice Castle is casting a woman as the new chief? Just like we recommended! We’re awesome!! That’s all. J Oh, and scoop would be nice! — Sharon

Yes, you called it! I hear that casting is just kicking off, so it might be a while until we hear a decision. But those of you hoping for Lisa Edelstein might be out of luck. I hear they’re leaning toward casting a woman of color. Then again, you never know. Ideas?

The finale of Nurse Jackie is this week, Sandra! Scoop, please! Are we finally going to meet Coop’s bride? — Marleen

Depends on what you mean by “meet.” If you mean “see smoking a cigarette in her wedding dress outside the hospital” then yes. If you mean, formal introduction, no.

Can I get some scoop on any of the CW shows? I’m going through withdrawal! — Crystal

Loophole! Ever wondered what would have been had Hellcats never got the ax? Well, AJ Michalka, who had recently come aboard the freshman show as Marti’s half-sister, told EW at the premiere there were big plans for her character Deirdre in season 2. “My character was going to definitely continue with Aly, and there was a plan for me to have some major tension with another character,” she said. “I wish we were gonna get a second season. I know Aly was really bummed when it got cancelled.” Luckily, Michalka reports the duo is hard at work on another album, due out in the latter part of this year. “We did some work with Nancy Wilson, and she is a hero, a pioneer for women who want to rock out, and Guy Sixworth from Frou Frou,” she said. “We don’t want to release anything before it is totally done, and we’re both super happy with it.”

Men of a Certain Age has been outstanding this season. Where’s the love? — Louise

Funny you ask, because I was asking the same thing when watching the show’s July 6 episode, which finds Owen at odds with his father more than ever. And a shoving match leads one of them to make a very shocking decision, which broke my heart because I’d been rooting for this pair.

Too soon for Raising Hope? You can do it! — Rich

You bet I can… with a little help from Cloris Leachman, who says viewers who enjoyed seeing lucid Maw Maw in the season finale flashback episode might get a chance to see her before she lost her marbles. “I prefer playing crazy, out-of-it Maw Maw to lucid Maw Maw because I don’t have to talk as much. It is much more feral and I have fewer lines to remember, but I am sure that we will have more moments next season where she is lucid or a flashback episode or two.”

Covert Affairs, please! This season has been great! — Leslie

In an upcoming episode, Auggie has to help cover for Annie by taking Danielle out for lunch, but shows a hint of… let’s call it “curiosity” after Danielle says Annie has been seeing someone.

(Carrie Bell, Stephan Lee, Maggie Pehanick, and Lanford Beard contributed to this column.)

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