Spider-Man, Jennifer Damiano, ...
Credit: Jacob Cohl

The Tonys, and Book of Mormon’s nine-award haul, may have been the theater talk of Sunday night and Monday morning, but Tuesday was all about Spider-Man. The newly revamped (and very troubled) show opened the evening before to a star-studded crowd (click here for a gallery of the attendees) and, as expected, less than starry reviews.

EW stage editor Thom Geier rates the musical a C+, writing that the retooling “may be an admirable work of revision, but it’s an unsatisfying meal, like one of mom’s end-of-the-week casseroles made of leftovers she couldn’t bear to toss.” As for potential audiences, when asked during EW’s Tonys live blog whether Spider-Man‘s number on the awards show had enticed them to see (or re-see) the play, 3 percent of EW readers who’d already watched it said they would again, 4 percent answered that once was enough, 12 percent admitted they were planning on catching it, and a whopping 82 percent declared they were staying the heck away.

On the off-Broadway front, EW writer Keith Staskiewicz gives a B to One Arm, a new drama based on an unproduced Tennessee Williams screenplay about a boxer who loses his arm in a car accident. “Those hoping to hear the colloquial poetry of Williams’ best dialogue are likely to be disappointed,” warns Staskiewicz about the play, which is directed by Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo helmer Moisés Kaufman, “but it benefits from a provocative and smart production.”