Reviews of new songs from Britney Spears, Drake, and more

By EW Staff
Updated June 17, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Britney Spears, ”Burning Up”
Spears brings her petulant coo to this karaoke-straight cover of Madonna’s fevered 1983 stalker ode — recently added to her current Femme Fatale Tour set list — but not much else is new. And when Brit delivers the chorus, the heat index registers closer to Easy-Bake Oven than blazing inferno. C+Leah Greenblatt

Selena Gomez, ”Bang Bang Bang”
Bieber’s current girl twists the (pink, sparkly) knife in an inferior ex’s heart, telling him how much she’s enjoying the Canadian upgrade. Giddy high-altitude synths and cascading ”oh whoa whoa”s help the tween queen-turned-emotional assassin still sound lollipop sweet. BLG

Drake, ”Marvin’s Room”
Drake sets his drunk dial to a slow-winding beat, giving an old flame a ring after one too many glasses of Hennessy. ”I’m just saying you could do better,” Drizzy sings, timidly hating on her new man. So could he. B-Brad Wete

Teddybears Feat. Cee Lo Green and The B-52s, ”Cho Cha”
Cee Lo & Co. prove fully game for the Swedish production team’s kitchen-sink kitsch, paying wink-wink tribute to the ”kitty cat” muse of the title like Austin Powers’ own groovy house band. B+LG

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, ”Senator”
Reuniting with Pavement last year must have reminded Malkmus how casually noisy he used to be; this Beck-produced jam shrugs and smirks as well as anything from his lionized ’90s heyday. A-Kyle Anderson

Shania Twain,”Today Is Your Day”
On her first new single in six years, Twain casts herself as a pop-country motivational speaker, spouting wan Shania-isms (”You’ve got what it takes/You can win”) with a hesitant, melancholy twang that suggests she could use a pep talk herself. CAdam Markovitz

Shaggy, ”Sugarcane”
Mr. Boombastic’s drowsy reggae groove is so laid-back, it threatens to float away on the sea air. Luckily, he’s got just enough coconut-fueled charisma to keep it captivating. BKA