Real-life kids go with their guts after seeing Jim Carrey's latest

We’re guessing Jim Carrey’s PG-rated family comedy won’t share much of an audience with The Hangover Part II. But will kids dig it? That’s the question we asked at a recent screening in New York City. Here’s what the youngsters had to say.

”[Jim Carrey] was really funny, and he was good to the penguins. I really liked it when he danced with all the penguins and then they crossed their arms like this [crosses his arms over his chest]. Nimrod was my favorite one. It was funny when he kept falling down.”
—Ian Jackson, 7, New York City

”I liked it a lot. It was nice when the penguin got to fly at the end because she really wanted to. It made me laugh when that one penguin ran into things and fell down and he fell off the bed. He was the funny one.”
—Peter Hoffman, 6, New York City

”I love penguins, they’re my second-favorite animal. I really, really liked the movie. The best scene was when they saved all the penguins from the zoo. It was funny, too, that all the penguins were different. Me and my sister laughed a lot.”
—Maya Knowles, 10, New York City

”They were funny! I liked it when the penguins [SPOILER ALERT!] went home to their family. It was a good ending, and it made me feel happy for the penguins.”
—Tracy Knowles, 8, New York City

Mr. Popper's Penguins
  • Movie
  • 95 minutes