Perry's lispy alter ego, Kathy Beth Terry, draws a slew of guest stars in an '80s-inspired clip that casts brace-faced underdogs as the life of the party

By EW Staff
Updated June 17, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

01:54 Famed Friday advocate Rebecca Black teaches fashion-challenged Kathy how to work it for the weekend — and win over her crush, Everett (Glee‘s Kevin McHale). Cue contacts and lip wax! A-

03:23 After changing from dorky duckling to busty neon swan, Kathy and her crimping iron are the hit of the house party — at least until Uncle Kenny (as in G) steals the show with his steamy sax appeal. B

04:42 When chivalrous Everett falls (and fights) for Kathy, where else would he fantasize about taking the wench of his dreams but to the Renaissance Faire? Or maybe he’s just had too much mead. B

05:44 The place is a mess and the ‘rents are back! Don’t worry: Dad (Corey Feldman) and Mom (Debbie Gibson) understand Lost Boys and Electric Youth; they’ll let the occasional suburban rager slide. B+