By Keith Staskiewicz
Updated June 17, 2011 at 07:56 PM EDT
Green Lantern
Credit: TM and DC Comics/Warner Bros

So far, so good. Warner Bros. is hoping that Green Lantern will draw moviegoers this weekend like moths to a, well, lantern, and based on midnight earnings, they’re off to a solid start. The lone DC Comics film pulled in $3.4 million last night, numbers very similar to those of Marvel offerings X-Men: First Class and Thor. Whether those tickets went to just the hardcore fans of the character or if they’re indicative of solid public interest remains to be seen, but the movie will have to debut strongly if it hopes to recoup its $200 million price tag. The fact that it’s in 3-D could help augment its take, and its trailers’ reliance on kinetic visuals rather than a specific recognizable story could translate well internationally.

If the ones who populated the midnight screenings were indeed just those familiar with the comics with a couple of bored drunk people mixed in, that might pose a problem, especially for a character whose Q rating is so relatively low. We’ll see on Sunday just how many people were up for high-flying, ring-bearing action, and how many decided to skip a movie ostensibly about emerald camping equipment.

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