By Kate Ward
June 17, 2011 at 10:15 PM EDT
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I’ve made the argument so many times, I’m almost bored with it. But, really, I still can’t help myself: I need to push for So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley to finally, finally score an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Reality Show Host.

Three whole years the category has existed without her getting a nod. Even Project Runway‘s Heidi Klum, a star who does no more than read off of cue cards while making adorable idiom errors, has been recognized every year. But not Cat, a host who has not only shared germs with contestants for our entertainment (remember Twitch’s grillz?) but can also keep up a live show with the best of ’em. Need more convincing, Emmy? Just look at last night’s results show, during which Nigel Lythgoe forced Cat to dance around his killing-time antics, after which he announced that no one dancer would be leaving So You Think You Can Dance. The host turned on the charisma, cracked a few jokes, and managed to not turn the moment into a complete, awkward disaster. (It was more of an charming, awkward mess than anything else.)

Need more? She lights up every dreaded audition episode of the show, interacting with some of the least sane folks to ever grace the SYTYCD stage and making them entertaining. (Paging Sex!) More? She falls in love with each SYTYCD “baby” to appear on the show, and even hosts a fourth of July barbecue for them every year. More? She stands up for the dancers when necessary, but also respects the judges’ criticism. More?! She’s as gorgeous as Klum, funnier than Tom Bergeron, more professional than Ryan Seacrest, and wears necklaces more fashionable than Jeff Probst’s. That enough?!

MORE?! Well, just look at pretty she is!

Who’s with me?

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