"Wait, wait, wait, stop. Is this another Muppet trailer parody?" asks Jason Segel near the end of the following clip. "Why don't we just show a real trailer? What are we hiding? …Did we make the movie in Swedish, or something?"

While we see what Segel's getting at, we're also enjoying these Muppets spoof trailers too much to ask for a straightforward preview. Previous spots have lampooned romantic comedies and The Hangover; this newest video takes on this weekend's biggest movie, Green Lantern. It gets extra points for excellently employing a Ryan Reynolds soundalike, and for giving us a good look at Chris Cooper as Tex Richman, an evil oil tycoon who's apparently buddy-buddy with Statler and Waldorf. Watch the new, emerald-hued trailer after the jump. (Oh, and just so you know: The movie's not in Swedish.)

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