Credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Dave Chappelle is denying a report that he’s planning a return to television.

Online paper The Daily wrote the former Comedy Central star was plotting to reboot his TV career by making a deal with a subscription service like Hulu or Netflix that would allow him a strong amount of creative control.

“Absolutely untrue,” says Chappelle’s rep Carla Sims, who spoke to the comedian about the report this morning.

EW looked into rumors of Chappelle relaunching his TV career about a month ago after the comedian made references to planning a comeback at a stand-up show in San Francisco. While there’s interest in getting Chappelle back on TV, his reps say the comedian has not agreed to a course of action in that direction. “He’s enjoying his life, he has a new daughter and is just doing what he’s really passionate about — stand-up,” says one source. Sources close to the comic add that if he were to make a return to TV, he would likely aim for a bigger platform than a niche subscription service. There are, after all, outlets like HBO that given artists plenty of creative freedom. So no Chappelle TV for the moment, but in the future … who knows?