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June 15, 2011 at 04:46 AM EDT

Maybe it hasn’t quite sunk in that the stakes are high (a $100,000 cash prize! A recording contract!). Or maybe they’re still in shock that such uber-cool superstars like Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton are actually texting them notes at all hours of the night. Whatever the reason, the contestants’ mood before Tuesday’s live version of The Voice was oddly calm, cool, and collected.

But first, a SPOILER ALERT! Don’t move to the jump until you seen the results of the show.

As I walked through the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, CA. looking for Stage 16, a few of the contestants walked by looking way too chill for the occasion – this being the first elimination show and all, when four contestants (two from Team Christina and two from Team Blake) would be sent packing. Jared Blake looked like the coolest of the bunch, strolling along with his head held high and an air of confidence floating over him. Frenchie Davis was laughing with a production assistant, while even shy-girl Dia Frampton was relaxing in sweat pants, looking as if she hadn’t a care in the world.

Once the show started, however, the vibe backstage told another story. V-Room host and online correspondent Alison Haislip told us after the show, “No one felt confident tonight. Patrick Thomas cried throughout the whole show. Not bawling, but he had tears in his eyes the whole time.”

As for Beverly McClellan – who ended up moving to the next round – Haislip said she told her, “It’s me. I’m going home.”

But McClellan didn’t. Instead, it was Thomas and Jared Blake from Team Blake and Raquel Castrol and Lily Elise from Team Christina. It was a total shocker and I screamed, “what????” when Shelton saved Xenia. She should’ve gone and  Blake should have stayed. He was robbed, totally robbed.

Totally stoked about the others who made it, though. Dia is a clear frontrunner and a fan favorite. There were deafening screams for her.

Here’s what else I picked up behind the scenes:

Cee-Lo Green loves the ladies. It’s no secret where Green’s affection lies, but when asked pre-show if he would date a contestant, the superstar in the shiny jacket actually had to pause, think about it, pause again, and then say, “No.” He certainly likes the gals in the audience, though, as the warm-up guy pointed out that a group of giggly girls were adding him as Facebook friends right there during the show. Green also learned fast that when you tape a two-hour episode in what, hands down, is the hottest TV studio ever, you need the sweat patted off your forehead during every break. If you’re going to have someone up in your grill that much, why not make them hot chicks? So tonight, he got two sexy female makeup artists to tidy up his brow. Smart man.

Team Xtina vs. Team Adam. Maybe the rivalry between Aguilera and Adam Levine stems from the fact that they are popular and have the most talented contestants. Or perhaps it’s just good ol’ fashion sexual tension! One thing is for certain: The fans who come to the tapings seem to mostly support these two over Shelton and Green. Last week fans wore Team Xtina shirts, and this week Levine’s fans rallied and wore Team Adam shirts. (Sorry, no Team Cee-Lo or Team Blake togs yet). “You can buy them on my website very soon,” Aguilera announced to the crowd during one commercial break.

Coach Camaraderie? Eh, not so much. Levine and Green might talk a good game, telling reporters beforehand about how well they get along, but in truth they barely talk to each other during the 120-minute taping. Speaking of which, no one seems to chat to Xtina except for producer Mark Burnett. Go figure.

Levine loves his fans. When the audience warm-up guy asked who the biggest Levine fan is, a dude spoke up. When asked why, the guy said, “Just look at him!” Levine often rewarded his fans by winking and waving, and even blew one lucky lass a kiss.

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