By Mike Bruno
Updated June 15, 2011 at 02:45 PM EDT

Where is Lillian, Ohio?

Lillian does not exist. Abrams named the steel town setting of his movie after his grandmother.

So where did they actually shoot the movie?

Weirton, W.V., small town way up north in the state’s panhandle. The town was previously used as one of the locations in The Deer Hunter and the primary location in the 1984 movie Reckless, which starred Darryl Hannah and Aidan Quinn.

What year was Super 8 set in?

Not that Ron Eldard’s mutton chops and David Cassidy ‘do wouldn’t look perfectly fine right here in 2011, but Super 8 was actually set in 1979.

What else has the young actor who played Joe been in?

He was good, wasn’t he? Believe it or not, Joel Courtney, the 15-year-old Idaho native who played Joe Lamb, was an unknown before landing this movie. He told EW that he went out to L.A. last year to visit his brother, hoping to maybe land a commercial. He walked away with a lead role in a Spielberg-Abrams feature.