Credit: Courtesy of Akashic Books

The literary sensation Go the F–k to Sleep takes aim at horrible annoying children, sort of like how Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle took aim at horrible heartless plutocrats. Now, actor/Marvel mascot/general man-about-town Samuel L. Jackson has recorded a complete audiobook version of Adam Mansbach’s book, which is currently downloadable for free at Jackson prefaces his reading by explaining that, when he was reading stories to his daughter in her early years, he actually would tell her, “Go the f–k to sleep.” (Of course he did.) Jackson’s slow-burn parental exasperation — simultaneously tender, badass, and helpless — is truly ear candy. Dear Hollywood: When you try turning Go the F–k to Sleep into a sitcom and/or a film franchise, we might take you seriously if Jackson comes along for the ride.

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