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Kim Kardashian
Credit: Denise Truscello/WireImage.com

What do you get the person who has everything on their wedding day? If it’s Kim Kardashian, a series of pricey vases and a clock that tells extra special time (it better anyway, it costs over $1,000), apparently.

People.com just listed what is reportedly Kardashian’s gift registry for her impending wedding to Kris Humphries, and PopWatchers, there are no Pool Party Ceramic Chip Dip sets to be found. I know, I was surprised, too!

Instead, the many baffling items on the registry include: The series of aforementioned expensive vases — including a $7,500 Baccarat Cosmos extra large vase and a $6,500 Tourbillon black vase; $840 Havana ash trays; a $470 picture frame; a $375 candy jar (what do you put your M&M’s in? Your hand?); $195 ice tongs; and a nude black meditating statue by Lalique (what registry would be complete without it?) for $325, as well as the accompanying nude black resting statue — for when the meditating statue gets tuckered out, duh!

I’m still hoping she’ll dig the $100 Target gift certificate I planned to get her. (That’s good at all locations, Kim!)

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s wedding registry, PopWatchers? Which item mystifies you the most?

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