By Dan Snierson
Updated June 15, 2011 at 09:18 PM EDT

What’s the best way to settle a marital spat? Communication and compromise? Sure, but that’s boring and private. Why not plead your case to a bunch of celebrities on TV? On June 26, NBC will kick off the second season of The Marriage Ref, featuring a panel of famous guests that includes Jerry Seinfeld (who serves as executive producer), Ricky Gervais, and Julianne Moore. “You put Jerry and Ricky together, and it’s like taking two fourth graders and telling them to behave,” host Tom Papa tells EW. “Then you have Julianne who’s like the smart girl in class who also has that sly look in her eye, pushing them into more trouble.”

And trouble will find them. Papa & Co. will lord over three colorful disputes: A wife is sick-‘n’-tired of her husband losing juvenile bets that he makes with his friends! A husband is bummed that his mother-in-law comes to visit from Thailand for six months a time! A wife is annoyed that her husband spends too much time growing giant pumpkins! (For those are having trouble relating to this fight, simply substitute “managing his fantasy football team” for “growing giant pumpkins.”) Adding more drama/comedy to the proceedings this season, our bickering couples won’t be pointing fingers from afar; instead of being relegated to video/satellite, they’ll appear into the studio, allowing them to mix it up with the celebrities. That’s not the show’s only improvement. The studio audience will now vote every week on which of the three victorious spouses is most in the right, and the winner will receive $25,000, along with a billboard trumpeting his/her triumph in the couple’s town. But enough about the common folk. Are you ready to see Seinfeld pay musical tribute to the Pumpkin Man? Get your first look at two clips from the episode below.