By Darren Franich
June 15, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT
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The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the beloved British time traveler, arrives in 2013. As initially reported by io9, BBC executive Danny Cohen was quoted saying that there are already plans in place for some sort of special run of the series (which currently stars Matt Smith) in 2013. This seems to echo comments made by Who executive producer Steven Moffat, who tweeted in regards to the next season of Who: “I’ve got a plan and I’m NOT TELLING YOU WHAT IT IS” (capitals his). However, Cohen also claimed that these anniversary plans might mean that there will be less episodes of Doctor Who in 2012.

When reached by EW for comment, a BBC spokesperson pointed us to a new tweet by Moffat, apparently in response to the rumors, which states simply: “Dr Who: misquotes and misunderstandings. But I’m not being bounced into announcing the cool stuff before we’re ready. Hush, and patience.” (The BBC spokesperson also noted that American cans still have six more episodes in the current Who season coming their way on BBC America later this summer, followed by the annual Christmas special.) So what does all this mean for Who fans? It seems like a decent possibility that the BBC might be banking the vast majority of next season’s 14 episodes for the big 50th anniversary. Or perhaps there are even bigger plans in place, such as additional telefilms?

Doctor Who fans, sad to hear there might be less Who next year? What would you like to see in the 50th anniversary celebration?

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