Charice Smile

There are a few striking qualities about Charice upon meeting her for the first time. Her tiny stature, her gigantic smile, but most of all, her ability to break out into song at any given moment. At first, it’s easy to get taken aback. In an age where auto-tune is an artist’s best friend, the echoing sound of a young pop star singing Beyoncé can silence a room almost instantly.

EW was among the silenced yesterday when we caught up with the singer at BowlMor in New York City, where the star was set to hold a Lifesaver-sponsored party in support of a promotion that encourages fans to vote for the next flavor of the candy. Charice, an avid supporter of the orange Lifesaver (Fun fact: Shortly after announcing her choice, voting heavily began to sway in orange’s favor, and it’s now the leader), opened up to us about all the facets of her rapidly exploding career — from her new album (possibly out in October, but no date is set), to her stint on Glee (Good news: She’s “in” if they want her back for season 3), to her part in the upcoming Kevin James film, Here Comes the Boom.

The bonus treat? The star shared that Justin Bieber was among the songs she often sings when she gets the urge… so we challenged her on camera at the end of the interview. Fact: She stepped up and delivered more than we had hoped for.

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