By Dan Snierson
Updated June 12, 2011 at 06:30 PM EDT
Ben Leuner/AMC

We all know that Aaron Paul plays a convincing meth maker/addict on the AMC drama Breaking Bad. But as it turns out, the 31-year-old Emmy winner also has a craving for the stuff when the cameras aren’t rolling. Whenever the blue meth is on set, I am constantly eating it,” he tells EW. “It’s cotton candy-flavored rock candy. They dye it a little bit, but I don’t care — I just eat through the dye. I get everyone to try it. I literally try to hand out our drugs to new [actors] on the show. They’re like, ‘No, I don’t want to try.’ ‘Here just have one. You’re on Breaking Bad! Eat some of the meth!’ And they do and they’re like, ‘Wow, that’s actually really good.’ And then I always see them go to the big bins of meth, grab out a few and eat it…. I’m like, ‘Yeah, you’re liking my product.’” Breaking Bad returns for a fourth season on July 17, which is exactly five weeks from tonight, for those obsessively keeping track of such things.

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