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If you heard loud squealing this week, it was probably just me getting my hands on the first three episodes of True Blood. (Don’t judge me.) And let me tell you, they do not disappoint! But by the sounds of it, neither will a lot of shows coming up.

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Earlier this week, I inquired on Twitter if anyone had specific True Blood questions that I could answer. (Following me has its perks!) So thanks to those who submitted questions. After my sneak peek at the first three episodes, here’s what I can tell you:

Will there finally be a steamy sex scene(s) between Eric and Sookie? — @StephanieSnow1

Sworn to secrecy, but know that it’s a key plot point in Charlaine Harris’ fourth installment of the book series.

It would be fang-tastic if you could tell me how long I have to wait to see Eric/Sookie heat! Thanks, Ellyn — @mindonlost

Honey, there’s always heat. And there’s a lot more to that “It’s not a dream” scene that you saw in the HBO-released promo where Eric caught Sookie wearing nothing more than a pink towel.

#forgetyoubill Eric & Sookie please! Alcide & Sookie maybe? I love Allan Hyde, so will we get more Eric/Godric flashbacks? #TB Oh, and I would love some Jessica & Hoyt if possible. Thank you! #tbwithdrawal — @bronzia88

That’s a mouthful! I’ll take Jessica & Hoyt. Actually, I’m glad you asked about them, because they have a prominently featured arc this season, that begins in episode 1 with a HUGE —–.

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When Weeds returns for its 7th season on June 27, there will be much for us to catch up on in the world of Nancy Botwin, who at the end of last season turned herself into police. So what’s waiting for her on the other side of the fence? A halfway house, for one. And also her family, which had been holding up in Copenhagen and went through some changes of their own, according to creator Jenji Kohan. Silas got into modeling, Shane kept busy doing puppet theater, Doug joined them overseas, and Andy “had a nice little thing going” with a woman. But, Kohan says, despite their new lives, Nancy’s release causes them to “quickly mobilize” and return.

“They had their relationships and their things, but there was a sense that they were always treading water because Nancy seems to be their True North. When you don’t have that star in the sky, you get a little lost,” Kohan says.

But while their dedication to Nancy has not changed, Kohan couldn’t say the same for their physical appearance. “Shane has mutton chops and a Mohawk and he looks pretty cool, and Silas is very buff, and Andy’s a little grayer, but nothing radical.” Unless you count Stevie. “Oh, Stevie, yes! Stevie’s now almost 4 so he’s a little boy, and he talks. That’s a whole new ballgame — the toddler game. It’s not an infant anymore — not a little blob — it’s a person.”


Peter Tolan is more than ready to bring his A-game to the final season of Rescue Me, which wraps up later this summer, tied to the 10th anniversary of 9/11. And while a number of surprises await fans this season (a major death and a wedding, to name a couple), Tolan was especially excited about the deeply personal plot line that brings ER vet Maura Tierney back to the show as Kelly McPhee, who returns having survived breast cancer.

“Talk about brave,” he says. “When we found out she was having this health issue, we called her and said we wanted her back in the spring. But more than anything we wanted to say, ‘You have work waiting for you.’”

After pitching an initial concept to the actress, which found Kelly struggling with identity issues and “not feeling like a woman,” Tolan said a conversation with Tierney changed their entire outlook.

“She started talking to us about the entire process, what she went through, where her mind was, where she was when she was cured, and what her reaction was to it — it was pretty amazing. It changed everything and we changed everything based on what she said. She has balls of steel to do this.”

But while Tierney’s character’s story is one of survival, Tolan says, the season will also ask the question that’s been burning in fans’ minds since the series’ beginning. “Everybody’s been wondering for all these years: Tommy Gavin survived 9/11, but would he, ultimately, survive it?” he says.


Covert Affairs, please! This season started off awesome! — Nikki

How about some scoop from Christopher Gorham about this season’s Auggie-centric July 19 episode? “He gets way out of the office. He’s on vacation in Istanbul for this big international jazz festival, and we end up doing flashbacks to Iraq before he lost his sight. We have the big reveal — finally the truth about how he lost his sight. There’s some romance in that episode for him as well. It’s a great episode.”

Want more Auggie? Come back to Inside TV on Monday for our full interview with Gorham, where he reveals more scoop, talks about the show’s ongoing Tweetcast (which follows Auggie as he handles two CIA operatives on a mission in Budapest), discusses the challenges of playing the blind tech ops head, and, of course, is questioned extensively on his abs.

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Ack! Supernatural makes me both happy and crazy. Happy because I loved watching the Winchesters brothers reconnect and hope they stay like this for awhile. Crazy because of the season 6 cliffhanger. Any spoilers/info yet on season 7? There’s a chicken pot pie in it for you if you have anything to share! – Zora

Will a Spoiler Room exclusive on the season 6 DVD (official release date Sept. 13) do the trick? In addition to the features you might have already heard will be on the DVD set (like the Jensen Ackles: A Director’s Journey featurette, the Supernatural and the Quest for the Soul featurette, and two episodes of the anime series) I’m told EPs Robert Singer and Ben Edlund and showrunner Sera Gamble will do commentary on “Clap Your Hands If you Believe” and “The French Mistake.” I personally love commentary from the bosses because they’re the ones who know where everything is headed. You never know what they might reveal…

Entourage! — Matt

Do you like happy Vince? Good. Because his dark days appear to be over. Or, at least so says EP Doug Ellin. “What we saw last season was a bad couple of weeks. He got emotional about a girl, he did some drugs that he never really did in his life, so it was kind of more of a reactionary thing than a real nosedive. So I think he had a couple of bad moments so he’ll hopefully be able to bounce back from them,” he says. Next week: More from Ellin, including dish on the death coming in the final season. Oh, had I not mentioned that? Perhaps I should have lead with that. #shamelesstease

Loved the premiere of White Collar! And totally agree with you, I thought the Peter-Neal tension was great. Any idea on where this is headed? — Alex

Their battle will continue, but eventually, it will get physical. Sort of. Matt Bomer explains: “We shot this really fun scene where we run a con on somebody by setting up a fake OTB [off track betting site] and in order to sell the con, [Peter and Neal] have to pretend they’re in a fight. And he’s firing my character, and it erupts into a fight where some more personal things start to surface. [Laughs] At first they’re pretending and then it starts to get a little more real.” But in the end, he says, “it was like free couples therapy.”

White Collar’s premiere was so great!! Any Peter-Neal moments you can tease? — J.R.

Anyone here familiar with Paul Newman and Robert Redford’s The Sting? You want to be before watching a certain upcoming episode, which finds Peter and Neal heavily nodding to the classic flick. “I’m Redford, he’s Newman — as usual,” Bomer says, laughing. “We even do the wag of the nose, which is their undercover symbol in the movie.” The episode, he says, is a perfect example of the unique bond the two share. “As high stakes as their relationship gets, you never have to worry about Neal and Peter. They’re always going to be okay.”

I’m so excited about The Big C. Loved, loved, loved the first season. Spoilers on the return? — Cindy

If you’re a fan of the show, then you probably just recently stopped crying about the finale, right? I know I couldn’t stop bawling over the part when Adam found the loot of milestone presents from his mom. But this season, don’t expect huge changes from Adam (Gabriel Basso) as a result of that heartbreaking scene. “I was a little punk in the first season and I am actually kind of a bigger punk this season. It is still all denial on his part. He is trying to distance himself from his mother now that he knows she is sick and could die despite seeking treatment. I think he is trying to accept it and deal on his own, and that’s a mistake,” says Basso. And Parker Posey, who guest stars on this season, only complicates matters. “I meet Parker Posey on a kids-with-sick-parents website, and we strike up an interesting relationship. But before that I go a little crazy with the ladies.”

Any idea if Modern Family is back at work yet? I need some spoilers! My Wednesday nights feel so empty. — Catherine L.

No scripts yet, but 12-year-old Nolan Gould (Luke), whom we caught up with on the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet, has some ideas if they need any! “My favorite [idea] is that we do an episode where Luke and Manny have a sleepover and everybody leaves and somehow forgets them so they are left in the house by themselves. So it starts to be like Home Alone and everything goes wrong. Luke tries to make something in the oven and blows up the kitchen and food goes everyone. We could even have people try to break in. I think he and Manny are almost unstoppable together because they are good at way different things.” This idea gets my stamp of approval!

Some Good Wife scoop would be much appreciated! Thanks, Sandra! — Victoria

Could a return for Tammy be in the works? There’s no official word yet, but Elizabeth Reaser is certainly open to the idea. “I’ve had a good time doing Tammy. It has been interesting because I get mixed reaction to he,” she says. “I think it is because she is an obstacle to Alicia and Will. But she’s not an a–hole or anything. I think her confidence gets on some people’s nerves, too, but I think she is great. I love strong, outspoken women.”

The Vampire Diaries has the best writing team on TV. I can’t wait to see what this new writer brings to the table. Speaking of which, is anyone dishing about the new season? I’m willing to bribe here! — Zoe

I don’t know anything yet, and neither does Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine). But that doesn’t mean she isn’t trying! “I have literally taken Julie Plec out to dinner and tried to schmooze her in order to get something juicy out of her about a future episode, and she just doesn’t budge,” she tells EW. But the double-duty-pulling star has her theories — and questions. “Daniel Gilles and Joseph Morgan were the ancient Damon and Stefan, so there are a lot of parallels to those relationships. It will be interesting to see if Katherine sticks around and where she and Elena fall among all these boys because they always seem to be the common denominator.”

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Sandra!! Our favorite show is coming back. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! What’s going to happen in Rosewood? — Erin

If you haven’t yet picked up this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, hurry up and do so. We have a delicious feature on the ladies. Here’s what Shay Mitchell (Emily) had to say about the June 14 premiere at last weekend’s MTV Movie Awards: “The season premiere basically takes place minutes after the season finale ended. You don’t miss a beat. You see what happens to the girls as soon as they step out of the church. You will also find out what happens to Ian and where his body went.” Is he dead? Is he alive? Is he sitting on a beach somewhere Weekend at Bernie’s style? She wouldn’t say. But she did share that the gang is currently filming episodes 7 and 8 in conjunction because “there’s a bit of a cliffhanger!”

Any scoop on Parks and Recreation? I love Ben and Leslie! But if not that, maybe some Tom scoop? — Courtney J.

I can do Tom! (I don’t mean it that way, perv.) We last saw Tom leave the Parks Department at the end of last season, and Aziz Ansari thinks while we haven’t seen the last of him, there will be loose ends to tie up. “I think we have to wrap up what happens at Entertainment 720,” he says. And in an additional life shakeup, Ansari said they haven’t ruled out the idea of a new love interest. “Yeah, I think so – probably at some point,” he says. “It usually happens in those kinds of shows.”

Thanks for the Burn Notice scoop. Any more up your sleeve? –Chris

You know me too well. I saved this little nugget from my chat with Jeffrey Donovan (Michael), where he talks about this season’s bigger and better stunts. “You’re going to see Michael far more physical than he ever has. Not necessarily fights, because we’ve done them before, Michael in fights and he handles himself pretty well. But pretty dangerous stuff: Motorcycle driving, repelling off of buildings, a lot of stuff that we’ve kind of touched on that Michael can do, but you’re going to see me much more physical. I will say this: They’re having me take my shirt off a lot more this year than they ever have. Which I’m not happy about.” I’m going to go out on a limb and say some fans feel the exact opposite.

Any Drop Dead Diva scoop for me? ANY hope for Grayson and Jane? — Jane

Do you have any idea how much I would love it if you had a boyfriend named Grayson? Sorry… moving on, there’s definite hope. But their bond will hit a snag in the season premiere when he wakes up — and can’t remember who she is! (It’s only temporary.) But let me say, Brooke Elliott is killing it this season. Particularly, the last scene of the June 19 premiere got me a little choked up.

Any casting rumors yet on the second season of Bachelor Pad? Thanks! — Jenn

More than a rumor. (via EW’s Kristen Baldwin)

Hey Sandra. The Closer is returning soon. Spoil me!! — Sarah

The first episode back will focus on “gruesome” crime in which Brenda and Co. will try to find out who shot seven people to death inside a rap star’s Hollywood mansion. The theme of the episode is “loyalty,” says creator James Duff, and “we sort of examine the loyalty people have for each other within the department as well, at the same time,” which will give way to shocking developments. Separately, Flynn and Provenza are going to get in trouble when they try to serve a subpoena. “Terrible, terrible things happen,” he says.

(Additional reporting from Carrie Bell, Mandi Bierly, Nicholas White, and Stephan Lee.)

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