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Talking to celebrities is a blast. Talking to celebrities and celebrity puppets sounds even better. So when Tony nominee Sutton Foster and Sesame Street’s Elmo offered to reunite to discuss the former’s upcoming appearance on the children’s show next fall — and give PopWatch readers an exclusive peek at the full-length video — I jumped to say “yes.” Turns out the old friends — Sutton auditioned with Elmo for a regular spot on Sesame Street in 2004 — were as cute and funny as I thought they’d be. And obviously enamored with each other: Foster’s boyfriend, fellow Tony nominee Bobby Cannavale, who accompanied her to Sesame Street when she filmed the clip, better watch out! Read our chat and then check out the video below.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, Sutton and Elmo, you’re back together.

ELMO: Miss Sutton. Oh, I’m so happy to hear you!

SUTTON FOSTER: I’ve missed you!

Elmo: Congratulations! Elmo wish he could be there [on Tony night].

SF: I wish you could be there, too. I wish you could be my date.

Elmo: No, you already have a date. Elmo met him.

Elmo, did you know Sutton’s date, Bobby, is nominated, too?

Elmo: Yes! So tell him congratulations, also.

SF: I sure will.

When did you guys first meet?

Elmo: A long time ago. We go way back.

SF: We go way, way back.

Elmo: Elmo’s been knowing Miss Sutton for a long, long time. She’s so special.

SF: Well, Elmo, you’re very special, too.

Elmo: No, you are. We have a wonderful love fest going. [Laughs] Elmo hopes your boyfriend is okay with that.

SF: Boy, my boyfriend’s okay with that. Because he loves you, too.

So tell me about the song-and-dance number you did together.

Elmo: See, it was so cool because Elmo loved watching Miss Sutton sing and dance all at the same time while teaching about levers!

SF: Do you remember the song that we sang?

Elmo: Yes! [Singing] “Elmo loves, loooves, loooooooooooves a lever! Elmo’s a lever lover through and through.” See, Elmo remembers.

Are you a good dancer?

Elmo: Elmo’s okay.

SF: You had some pretty good moves, I thought.

Elmo: Hmmm…thank you…hoo…hoo. [Collapses in giggles]

Elmo, have you ever seen Sutton in a Broadway show?

Elmo: No, not yet. Elmo has to.

SF: That would be awesome.

Elmo: Oh, Elmo wishes he could have seen Thoroughly Modern Millie. Elmo heard she was wonderful in that. Do you have a favorite, Miss Sutton?

SF: Gosh, it’s hard to pick because I like all of them so much. I always seem to like the one that I’m in. So I think the one I’m in right now, Anything Goes, is my favorite.

Elmo: Cool. Well, Elmo heard you were really fun and funny in Shrek, too. Elmo’s glad that you didn’t have to put any green makeup on.

Are you guys going to meet up again?

Elmo: Oh, Elmo hopes so. Elmo wants Miss Sutton to move in. There’s a couple apartments available at 123 Sesame Street…

SF: I would love to move in there.

Elmo: …and Elmo’s mommy and daddy told Elmo that the rent is not too bad. Especially for New York.

SF: I’m actually looking for a new place, so maybe I’ll check it out.

Elmo: Oh that would be cool!

SF: We could be neighbors.

Elmo: That would be wonderful. We could have play dates all the time.

Did you get up to any trouble when you were together?

Elmo: Oh, she’s really, really silly. She’s so ready. That’s what Elmo loves about her. She’s so ready to have a good time.

SF: Yeah, that’s what life is all about, right Elmo?

Elmo: Oh yeah, Baby!

Could you do me a favor? I’m going to show a video of your song-and-dance to our readers. Could introduce it?  

SF: It’s about levers — about what a lever is and how it works. I came to Sesame Street to teach everyone about the different things in our lives that are levers and I sang a little song about it.

Elmo: Yeah, kind of a little song.

SF: Okay, it’s a big song.

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