Skins Cast
Credit: 20903331

When MTV launched its much-ballyhooed remake of the hit British teen show Skins, the network was hoping its series would be a hit on par with other transplants from across the pond, like The Office or American Idol. Unfortunately, what it got was something a lot closer to Coupling — a highly-hyped program that was savaged by critics and quickly abandoned by audiences. Yesterday, MTV finally announced that the American Skins wouldn’t be returning to shock the PTC for a second season, admitting that the show was “a global television phenomenon that, unfortunately, didn’t connect with a U.S. audience as much as we had hoped.”

But why didn’t this new version of a popular TV show connect with Americans? Well, according to the comments that flooded EW’s post about the cancellation, there’s an obvious explanation: the “controversial” aspects of MTV’s Skins weren’t enough to redeem the show for being poorly written and poorly acted. “It’s one thing to make shocking television but at least make it good,” said commenter Captain, summing up most of the reactions posted. I wrote as much on PopWatch myself after watching the show’s season series finale in March: “In their rush to make something controversial and zeitgeisty, MTV forgot to create characters with personality — and all the lurid storylines in the world can’t make a series successful if viewers can’t be bothered to care about the people they’re watching.” If all of MTV’s scripted programming is as dull and blank as this botched remake, I have serious doubts about whether the network’s push away from reality is going to be a success. (Though I do hear good things about that Teen Wolf.)

So here’s what I’m wondering: Did anyone out there legitimately like the U.S. Skins? Who among you will speak up on its behalf? What do you think the show did well, and which of these young actors do you hope gets a second chance? If enough of you speak up, who knows — Skins could get a reprieve.

Okay, that won’t happen. But at least you’ll know that you’re not alone!

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