Readers sound off on Jennifer Lawrence's casting in "The Hunger Games, call out cinematic cat-icide, and more

By EW Staff
Updated June 10, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Let the Games Begin!
What a relief to finally see Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen! As a die-hard Hunger Games fan, I’d been skeptical about the casting of this pivotal role. But your article helped put me at ease. I’m pleased to know that when it comes to telling Suzanne Collins’ story, everyone on board is dedicated to the purity and depth of this dystopian tale.
Lori Dumas
Hammond, La.

For some reason EW has decided to do all Hunger Games all the time. I breathlessly await hearing who will be cast as the fourth guy on the left and who will serve as the third assistant to the second-unit assistant director.
Roger W. Peck
Long Grove, Ill.

Never before have I been compelled to buy a book simply by looking at a picture, but when I opened my EW and saw the photos of Jennifer Lawrence, I was intrigued enough to get the first book. I breezed through it in a few days, and now I’m excited to continue the series.
Will Webster
Hebron, Md.

A line in your article on The Hunger Games reminds me how perceptions change. In your Nov. 14, 2008, issue, Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke was asking people not to compare the Twilight movies to the Harry Potter films. And now Twilight is the series that The Hunger Games is being compared to.
John V. Smith
New Milford, Conn.

Goodbye Kitty
After reading your box on The Roommate (DVD), I have to ask: Dispatching a kitten in a clothes dryer is the ”best scene from a bad movie”? From guilty-pleasure trash like The Roommate to otherwise intelligent indies like Half Nelson, it’s a given that almost any cat that shows up on film won’t live to see the closing credits. Time to call a moratorium on all the cat-icide; it’s as played out as ”she woke up…and it was all a dream.”
Vikki Basilico Covarrubias

Artist‘s Muses
I was very excited to read about the Cannes darling The Artist (News & Notes). Anyone who has seen the wonderful spy romp OSS-117: Cairo, Nest of Spies already knows who leads Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo are. The two have an extremely fresh screen presence. My only hope is that The Artist gets released here.
Nikki Zalewski
Menomonee Falls, Wis.

Fun for All Ages
Thanks for your ”Find Me a Twilight!” recommendations (Books). I was delighted to find I had already discovered several on the list (Matched, Divergent, and both Lauren Oliver novels). The only downside is that these selections are still being called ”young adult.” I am no longer part of that demographic, so I prefer to call them ”good fiction.”
Jamie Floer

A Hollywood Insider story misidentified a photo of Melanie Ellison as movie producer Megan Ellison, who recently won the rights to the Terminator franchise.


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