The latest movies hitting stores, including ''Red Riding Hood,'' ''The Adjustment Bureau,'' and more

By EW Staff
June 10, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Red Riding Hood (2011, PG-13)
Amanda Seyfried The fairy tale gets a Twilight teen-steam makeover, complete with raging hormones and repressed desires. The sets look swell, but the rest is a big, bad mess. (Also on iTunes) D+

Battle: Los Angeles (2011, PG-13)
Aaron Eckhart Aliens attack the City of Angels in this largely forgettable apocalyptic action flick. (Also on iTunes) D

Point Break (1991, R)
Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze Johnny Utah and Bodhi hang 10 in a new Blu-ray upgrade of Kathryn Bigelow’s thriller about Zen and the art of robbing banks in Richard Nixon masks. The definition of well-aged cheese. B+

Kill the Irishman (2011, R)
Ray Stevenson, Christopher Walken, Val Kilmer An underseen down-and-dirty indie about the Cleveland Mafia, featuring a who’s who of all-star scenery chewers. (Also on iTunes) B

Don Juan DeMarco (1994, PG-13)
Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando, Faye Dunaway A jaded psychiatrist renews his lust for life while treating a young patient who claims to be the swashbuckling lover Don Juan. Ideal for your next stay-at-home date night. (Available on Netflix instant viewing) B

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Unknown (2011, PG-13)
Liam Neeson, January Jones A man wakes up from a coma to discover that assassins are on his tail and he may not be who he thinks he is. C+ 6/21

The Adjustment Bureau (2011, PG-13)
Matt Damon, Emily Blunt A mind-bender about love, fate, and ominous men in suits, courtesy of Philip K. Dick. B 6/21