By Stephan Lee
Updated June 09, 2011 at 03:21 PM EDT
Credit: Sang Tan/AP Images

++ Ever since The New Yorker included 25-year-old Téa Obreht in their “20 under 40” issue a year ago, the buzz for The Tiger’s Wife author hasn’t died down a bit. Yesterday, she became the youngest ever Orange Prize winner, beating out more seasoned writers like Emma Donaghue and Nicole Krauss. Obreht was the youngest author on the shortlist (which notably excluded Pulitzer-winner Jennifer Egan) by 13 years.

++ J.K. Rowling has been creating a bit of a stir in Edinburgh by buying the £1 million home next to her mansion (ooh, or castle?) just to demolish it. The billionaire Harry Potter creator wants to expand her garden and also build a summer hut that “bears a striking resemblance to the stone hut inhabited by Hagrid, the giant groundsman from her novels,” according to The Telegraph. I don’t see the problem in any of this — she’s paying for the house, and I’m in favor of anything that reinforces my fantasy of Rowling actually living at Hogwarts.

++ Speaking of kick-ass women in books, have you noticed the slew of new novels with “girl” in the title? USA Today lists some new book titles that may have taken a pointer from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (although Girl with a Pearl Earring predates all of them). Just like they are with movies, TV, and music lately, girls “run the world” in books, too!

++ To all you sticklers of text message grammar and punctuation: 1) You’re annoying. 2) Here’s some proof that you may actually have a point. Text message punctuation matters!

++ Not looking to drudge through any depressing novels at the beach this summer? Scottish author Alexander McCall Smith is right there with you.