Credit: AP Images

Google’s got a guitar and they’ve learned how to make it talk. In order to celebrate what would’ve been the 96th birthday of rock ‘n’ roll innovator Les Paul, the Google logo has been replaced today by a doodle made up of guitar strings that can be strummed with your mouse. “The electric guitar brings back memories for me of exchanging riffs with friends and wearing out cassette tapes as I meticulously learned songs,” wrote Google designer Alexander Chen, in a blog post. “Today, we’re attempting to recreate that experience with a doodle celebrating the birthday of musician and inventor Les Paul.”

Not only can users play music, but if they press the black button, they can record up to 30 seconds of their homemade ditty. Press it again, and they can share their tune with their friends. (Warning: It’s addictive.)

Give it a shot, and then post your best tune’s link below in the comments.

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