By Sandra Gonzalez
June 08, 2011 at 11:45 PM EDT

EW was the first to present to you the kids from The Glee Project, Oxygen’s reality show centered around finding the next cast member of Glee, and since then, the wanna-be misfits (strange paradox…) have released their first music video. Now I find myself in a first impression pickle a cynic like myself rarely experiences: I like a lot of them. Check out the video below, and then let’s chat:

Based on the vocals in the video and the getting-to-know you videos posted on Oxygen, I easily have at least three favorites from the highly caffeinated bunch. And when you’re picking someone to join a group as collectively beloved as Glee, you have to be picky. You want someone who could not only carry a tune — but a storyline. Someone unique like Kurt, as animated as Rachel, but just a little dorky like, well, all of them. And a good-looking face is not so bad, either.

So taking my strict criteria into account, my frontrunners (in no particular order) based on these sneak peeks are:

— McKynleigh, the Kentucky native with a knack for country music. I love how she’s does not fall into the typical “diva” bracket that one would immediately want to put her in. Mercedes fills that role just fine, and I love the idea of bringing in someone who’s a curve ball. She’s also gorgeous without being typical (or in the case of Lindsay, she’s not a Quinn clone!).

— Irish pretty boy Damian. I can forgive the cheese-tastic wink in the video and focus instead on the fact that while a little on the boring side in terms of package (he doesn’t have an obvious story writers could craft for him), I like the idea of a blank slate. That might help writers really think of something outside the box for him. Also, he has a foreign accent, which immediately gives him an advantage in my eyes.

 Lanky hipster Cameron. What’s not to like?

That’s not to say I’m counting out the likes of Ellis (who looks about 13 years old), Hannah, or the aforementioned Lindsay, either. But that’s just my first impression.

Check out the video below, PopWatchers. And tell me: Who are your early favorites?

The Glee Project airs June 12 at 9 p.m. ET

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