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James Franco
Credit: Jon Furniss/WireImage.com

OK, James Franco. We get it. You are bionically high-achieving.

You go to school, you teach, you write, you act, you paint, you host award shows, you are an excellently homicidal soap-opera villain. You’re willing to give stuff a try, and that’s noble, but it got ridiculous about 67 projects ago.

And now you’re going to drop an EP of experimental electronic tracks with drag performer Kalup Linzy (who acted alongside Franco on General Hospital)?

It’s called Turn It Up and it’s set to drop July 12. In fact, there’s even a little snippet of a song called “Broken”:

Well, alright then.

That’s not much of a vocal performance from Franco (that’s him intoning the weird spoken-word stuff), though we know he has some kind of vocal chops thanks to his performance of “Proud Mary” (also with Linzy). Like many of Franco’s extra-curricular projects, it’s inoffensive but also sort of pointless.

As far as his prospects as an actor-turned-musician go, he’s probably just ahead of Scarlett Johansson (whose album full of Tom Waits covers was bland but inoffensive) and a few steps behind Zooey Deschanel (who at this point is possibly a better rock star than she is an actress).

But what do you think? Will you pick up Franco’s EP just because it’s Franco? And which of his multitudinous side projects have you actually enjoyed? Sound off in the comments.

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